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A new beginning

This post is the start of a new face for my blog. Originally this blog was created because it was mandatory for one of my communication courses. I learned a lot in that class; I learn that I really enjoy blogging, even if no one reads it. It’s a way for me to be creative and to open up. I would love for people to keep an eye out for new entries. I’ve added a few things but keep in mind that this blog will constatnly under construction. I will be adding new videos and post soon. I am using this blog to promote myself, kind of like a resume. Posted now is the first draft of my current video resume.

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Final Project

Final Project:


  1. This is blog represents me.
  2. I chose to use a personal hoto for my blo emplate photo.
  3. I decided to utilize my blog more than twitter for posting my questions over half of my questions can be found on this blog,some can also be found on my twitter.


  1. I mainly used my twitter for discussion,but as mentioned before I have used my twitter for some of my questions.


The media segment of this blog is a combination of photos and words it’s a video resume

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New rules of marketing and P.R

How The Web Has Changed The Rules of Marketing and P.R

1.)  As I read a few quotes stood out tom me, one of those was, “The web is different. Instead of one-way interruption, Web marketing is about delivering useful content at just the precise moment that a buyer needs. This statement made me think, what is the type of system that’s used to track how often things should be advertised on line, how is this predicted?

The New Rules of Marketing and P.R

1.)  In this chapter the term “undeserved audience” was repeatedly used, what does this term really mean?

How the Web Has Changed the Rules of Marketing and PR

1.) I really don’t have any questions for this chapter, my only comment is that from my understanding marketing has become so open and broad that there are really no rules, they can use blogs, people, TV and basically any means that they can get their hands on.

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Chap 11&12


What makes Blue Shirt Nation an active part of the groundswell?


What are ways that the groundswell can be better in the future?

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Reading for Nov 24

Chap 10

What is the best way to utilize the groundswell for the best results for the business?

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Readings for Nov19

Chap 12

Since there are words that we usually use for different things such as press releases how would changing the words effect the buisness as a whole?


Whats the best way to atract buyers through using the internet?

Tipping point

What is the tipping point exactly and what’s the connection betweeen the different type of people there are in the buisness world?

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Readings for Thursday Nov 12

Brave New world of  Digital of Intimacy

1.)Will thre ever be a limit of being too close or to personal with in social networks such as facebook and Twitter?

facebook attracting more of the older crowd.

1.)Will facebook change their site format due to the growing rate of older ppl joining the network?

The Message Is the Message

1.)Is the reading suggesting that President Obama should be more active with technologies such as social networking and blogging?

You might not love the new Facebook,but brands should

1.)How would lifetime ads on Facebook affect the users and the site as a whole?

New facebook pages:A Guide for social media markets

1.) Is mashable creating a different facebook network,or is this just an application?

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New rules of marketing and PR

The new rules m&pr

In our last reading we discuss word of mouth and how it’s a great marketing tool, would advertising on social networking sites be apart of this word of mouth tactic?

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Nov 5,2009 reading

A breif history of the status update

1.) I notice that twitter and facebook are basically updated and more elaborate versions of instant messenger,are there any type of copyright issues involved with these facets? If so how do these copyright laws effect these facets?

The battle for social status:

1.)  In the reading it states that a statusphere is a new term, but from my understanding it doesn’t explain what this is, what does a statushere consist of?

In the statusphere

1.)The reading mentions that the intent of twitter is to mention something worthy of a response, then they go on to say that this can be referred to as mindcasting.  Twitter doesn’t seem like a proper definition for what mind casting is, what is the make-up of mindcasting, is this some new theory of the statusphere?

Beyond Blogs

1.)  Is conversation the main force behind the creation of the statusohere?

The inside word:

Does twitter and facebook have the power to end blogs? This is the impression I got from the reading, but I find it very hard to believe.

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Groundswell Chapters 7&8

Chap 7

What is the difference of energizing and word of mouth? Do they serve the same purpose and if not how does one out weigh the other?


Chap 7

What is the difference of energizing and word of mouth? Do they serve the same purpose and if not how does one out weigh the other?


Wiki’s seem to be a great idea for companies to make themselves more interactive,how would this activity effect the economics of the companies ?

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